Response Coordinator is the candidate response and communication module of the ground breaking Interview Coordinator applicant tracking and interview administration system. Candidates for your vacancies will respond and interact with Response Coordinator to provide a seamless communication gateway between candidate and hiring manager. Response Coordinator will automate the uploading of CV’s and allow candidates to respond to a configurable set of on-line pre-interview questions.


At Tayomi we believe that computer software should increase productivity, decrease overheads and improve efficiency and our specific focus is on achieving those goals within the Human Resource arena.

Whether our clients have a dedicated HR department or a policy to devolve HR functions to line managers, our innovative, easy to use and extremely cost effective Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are designed to save time, reduce administration, increase collaboration amongst employees and help improve the overall level of human capital in companies and organisations of all sizes.



Interview Coordinator

Interview Coordinator is designed to make recruiting new or replacing existing staff easier and more efficient. It is a comprehensive, intuitive and low cost interview management and applicant tracking solution aimed at the modern business. It will reduce administration, eliminate duplication of effort and reduce the overheads involved in selecting new talent.

Leave & Absence Coordinator

Leave & Absence Coordinator is a powerful, low cost solution that delivers easy to use, on-demand attendance tracking, ideal for organizations of any size. It provides all the necessary tools to efficiently coordinate and manage staff holidays and record and monitor sickness rates from a single intuitive web interface.


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